Öffi has got three launcher icons. Why is this?

Öffi consists of three mostly independant parts:

  • Stations: Which stations are nearby and will I catch the bus/train?
  • Directions: How do I get from A to B?
  • Plans: I want to navigate myself.

Some of you regularly use Stations and some of you normally use Directions. I received some complaints that you always had to go through Stations in order to get to Directions. And, to be honest, this is not healthy for the phones resources as well. Thus, I introduced icons to directly launch into the most used parts.

You don't have to use all icons though. It is still possible to go though one of the other application parts if you like to, by using the options menu.

But I don't like my desktop cluttered with multiple icons.

Note that you only need to put the needed/wanted icon(s) on your desktop. Leave the other icons alone and never see them again. If you prefer to directly launch application parts without having multiple icons on your desktop, put them into a folder! If you need to switch to another application part only now and then, feel free to use the options menu.

I'd like to have a 'Take me home!' button

You probably want to create a launcher shortcut. Shortcuts will always take you from your current position to a pre-programmed destination station or address. You can add a shortcut for your home, one for your work, and so on.

The easiest way to create a launcher shortcut is to use the context menu of a station or an address. Just press on the options button (three dots) of that entry and select "Create launcher shortcut". Choose a name for your shortcut and you are ready to go!